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“I can feel my heart sink a little more with each passing day”

Subject line: reassure me

You aren’t responding, and I can feel my heart sink a little more with each passing day.
Can you reassure me that you still love and care for me? Text me.
I’m.still waiting on that hopeless thread of life. The one that’s so close to breaking :0(
Why is life and love so tortuous?
I often wonder how many of us find their soul mates and how many know who they are, yet can’t have them.

“Stop being stubborn and talk to me”

Subject line: what happened to us?

Why cant you get over this? Its been too long. Stop being stubborn and talk to me….I know you think that I hate you…I dont. We both hurt each other, but running away is not the answer. You said I was different and you could never live without me…you said I was the first girl you ever wanted to change and be a better man for, please show me. Im not gone yet, but im losing hope everyday. Just meet me in the middle…I love you, need you, and miss you everyday. I have tried to talk to you and you didnt want to, so I cant do anymore. This time it has to come from you. Please dont wait too much longer. Be that man I know you are and fell in love with last May…

“It started out based on lies…”

Subject line: I should have known
I should have known it would have never worked. We met at a bar one night a long time back. But I barely even remember meeting you. It started out based on lies, and with that I never have been able to trust you. I honestly do believe I have just been some girl on the side for you, because if I meant something to you, you wouldn’t have let me go. Things could have been different, but they aren’t. I waited so long, and stupidly fell in love with you. Boy, what a fool I was to do so. How could I have fallin’ in love with a person who lied to me from the beginning, who never gave me a reason to believe or trust them? It was my mistake for letting my son get to know you and love you, because besides all the hurt and pain you have put me through I now have to go and tell my son that you are never coming back into our lives. I know I was stupid for allowing you back so many times, but I just kept hoping and wishing that things would be different one time. That you would show me that I was important to you, that I was more than just a f* buddy. You always knew the words to say to keep me around. Too bad you never came through with what you said. I have waited so long, and still know nothing about you. All I know is what you tell me. If I wasn’t a just a dirty little secret, I would know something, people in your life. But again I know nothing. I am just stupid for falling for you. How could I have let myself fall in love with someone I never really knew? But because of you at least I learned I can love someone again. Now it is time for me to learn to love someone who actually REALLY does love me in return, and doesn’t just say, but someone who shows it.

“I was sort of praying for a miracle that you’d show up at my door”

Subject line: “for you”
You will probably never see this. It is my understanding that you’ve moved across the globe with no intentions of continuing a life here, but you seem to change your mind a lot so who knows? I finally got angry and left your house that night because I was fed up with waiting for you. I was hurt that you didn’t want me too despite me sharing my feelings. I know you’ve got a lot going on right now, and really I overreacted but the back and forth created quite a bit of pressure on me.

It’s been long enough without any contact with you that I should’ve moved on. I even tried with a rebound love interest. I just can’t. this thing, this feeling, comes from the core of my being… and I am convinced it will never go away. So how do I spend the rest of my life without you? I was sort of praying for a miracle that you’d show up at my door and tell me you want me like I want you, but sadly I am losing hope. Still, I love you and will forever.

“I feel like we belong together.”

Subject line: My wish came true

Five years ago you made an impression on me that changed me forever. The days I had with you were the best and most unforgettable of my life. Now, after years of wishing you’d come back to me…you have. Only not in the manner I’d hoped for. It is true, be careful what you wish for…had I known the power of my thoughts, I would have been more specific. I wanted you to come back to me ready for action, for a relationship, for something more than what you are offering me now. You are such an amazing man, only you don’t know it…but some day you will. It will come full circle for you and you will be able to live the most fantastic life! I cling to every word you say, I delight in your little qwerks and absolutely love to hear you laugh when something amuses you. I feel like we belong together. I’m drawn to you. I know you’ve been hurt in the past and because of this you are jaded…but I cannot tell you how hard I would try to make you the happiest man ever if you gave me the chance. I told you about one last fantasy I have, and there’s only one person who will know what that fantasy is…and I want so badly for you to be the one I share it with. I love you, more than anything…and now that I have a chance to make one last impression on you, I hope I don’t screw it up. Please give it a chance…throw caution to the wind, and keep your plane high in the sky.

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