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I have been so mentally unstable lately.

I have been so mentally unstable lately. I have been thinking about you constantly. Yes, I have very bad issues in my life but finding out about your situation has brought me to a point of insanity and a detrimental state of mind. You know I do love you and that I care. You are my Twin Flame. I have the irrevocable Yin to your yang. I want to marry you and be with you. I offered you my home a while ago and the offer is still up. I also am offering you to come up to cape cod with me to live and get away from the city. It’s eating you and it’s eating me. As your Twin, I experience the runner affect and effect of your situation everyday and almost every other moment I have. I need you to realize that you were raped. You would never do this in a million years. Is she pregnant? And if so, why? You don’t love her. She hurt you, me, us, and a lot of other people. There is no pride in that relationship you have with her. Please, come back home. Rethink and re-evaluate these things.

I am trustworthy, you know this by now. I have been trying to reach out to you but you are clouded and blinded by sex and by a manipulative person.

Get help. I love you,

I can still feel the distrust and contempt

I want you to love me so I can ruin your life.
*I’m beginning to think that’s what you imagine I’m out to do. I’ve been kind, overly so. I try me best to not over or under-react but even from this side of the massive gap between us I can still feel the distrust and contempt. I feel as if someone has cut my heart open and stuffed a life-sized ghost of you inside and then forced it shut. Lately the lightest things feel overwhelmingly heavy… I’m aware my recent sadness isn’t solely from this situation but it’s harder to deal with life’s ups and downs with this weight in my heart.

” I know you hate me…”

I know you hate me for leaving you that message sometime ago but you have to understand that I felt like you were stringing me along and I just didn’t like that … especially after I told you how I felt and you knew I just wanted things to be casual. Okay, I want to be friends again and this time, I ask that if you have feelings for me, or if things start to heat up, and want to further it, please don’t push me away and then do that to me again. I think you were in a bad place as well then (still am until I get my shit together), was the first time for you or whatever (I don’t know), and you just weren’t thinking at the time and I didn’t see it. If you have found someone, great, married, awesome, or have kids, congratulations. I’m happy for you but I still want to be friends again.

“…not in love with me”

I did what you asked, though I’m not sure it will do me any good.

You were correct, my hope was to literally pull you back in to me. Not by making love in and of itself, but by being near you. My intent was not to harm you or what possibilities lie ahead of you. I will always love you. I am doing my damnest to let go and let God. I am pulling at all the resources I have. I know you care and love me, but are not in love with me. It was a harsh reality to face and honestly one it will take me time to come to grips with. I will do my best to do just that. I miss talking to you, hearing about your day, telling you about mine, helping with your work and just sharing. Losing you is changing my world. If anything in your world changes, I’ll always be here for you (no matter the circumstances).

“I don’t want you with her.”

Subject line: Praying for Daylight

The whole day is hard without you. But, it’s the nighttime that is unbearable. It gets dark and things start to settle and my mind starts to spin. My heart breaks into a million tiny pieces each night, over and over. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I do not understand it honestly, I do not get why I am this messed up. I do not want to be this upset, this broken. I don’t want you with her. I love you, I wish you still loved me.

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