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you will always be my fantasy top floor girl

… Your name or anything else about you because you will know who this is I just want to say that you are the object of my desire you have been in my fantasies since the first day i met you.I love when you bend down in front of me and your pants allowe me to see the lovely white thin ass which drives me wild you are so fucking sexy with your long brown hair, sweet lips, small breast and thin body. I may never have you in my arms and maybe its best that way put i just want to say you are incredible and you will always be my fantasy top floor girl

“You are like a magnet”

Hey Girl,


Ok What is your secret? You are like a magnet, pulling me in every direction.  I don’t know if you remember but one time when we were out side your house talking, and I was dropping off a kennel we had borrowed from your mom, I told you that I use the church as a excuse to talk to you.  Its true, but now I am looking for every excuse I can, to call and hear your laugh and even your sigh.  Even just to text you.  When I call on my way home, I stop when I get to Macdonalds, to keep talking.  I don’t want to stop talking.  It is great to hear the love you have for your daughter.  I hurt to hear the pain you have dealing with your mom.  I have so many things I want to ask and learn about you. I fear that I am being to bold, that is why I keep asking if I make you nervous.  I am worried that after you read this, you will run.  If I am scaring you, please let me know, and I will run.  I too, try to say what I feel, and I know that this may scare you off, which is the last thing I want. Please don’t let this scare you. I worry that others will notice me looking your direction, so I try hard not to stare.  When you sat in front of us at church, I noticed every move you made, looking for signs of stress, (even a scowl) wanting to protect you.  Hoping to see the spark in your eyes.  I worry that you will think that I am just a married horn dog, I hope you don’t.  I am not looking for anything, except to understand the things I feel.  I want you to know, that I love my wife dearly. I would never let anything get in the way.  And I also know that other real emotions exist out side of marriage. I told you one time that I have a story to tell you, I still do, and have been waiting for the right time. If this note doesn’t scare you off, then maybe soon. If you want to get me in real trouble, this letter would do it.  I am taking that risk, hoping you understand.  If I can borrow a couple of lines from the second song on the CD I gave you,  “I don’t want to mess this thing up, I don’t want to push to hard”, “I don’t want to leave”, We don’t need to rush this, lets just take it slow”, “Lets do this right”.


“I only need to be around you to make me very happy.”

Subject line: Missing you

I only need to be around you to make me very happy. It hurts for me not to see you or talk to you. I still cannot stop dreaming of you. You’ve consumed my thoughts. Any chance I have to be around you, I will take. I’ll always be your friend and be around 4 you . I am sorry if I have made things in your life difficult. Looking forward to the next time we see each other, hopefully no glass separating our eyes.

“but you always seem to come back to me…”

subject line: just so you know
beatrice,i know you know how i feel i have made it perfectly clear…you have been through alot in the last year..what a crazy one you had!! but you always seem to come back to me(trust me i dont mind)…i wonder why?? is it because you know i cant say no to you? is it for good reasons?? and because i will do anything for you? the past few days i have spent have been great,not only just as your friend,but as the woman who wants nothing more than spending my whole life making us happy and making all of us girls one happy family! you say that some relationships are not worth the aggravation that will come because of them,but you must know,i will do anything to make my family be happy for us,and accept you as my wife! yes,my wife…thats what i want is a long happy married life with you for those 25hr days in the next 30 years like we once talked about!! i know you are contemplating a return to your ex,or may have even started to get back with her….but think bout it…long and hard..please for all of our sakes…look at the big picture with both of us,all of the pros and cons. in closing i want to say to you…i love you with all my heart,and would love the chance to make you the happiest woman on this earth and spend my every hour,minute and seconds of the day making you happy,loving you,holding you…and giving you the goose bumps like i have when we kiss!! i will be the best wife you could ever want…i WILL be your happily ever after if you just let me!! LOVE YOU WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING!! S.

“treat my child as if he were your own”

Subject line: We see each other everyday…

we see each other everyday I just don’t show my feeling because you already have someone. Since the fist time I saw you I liked you. You sweet, caring, and even treat my child as if he were your own! I wish I didn’t have to hide it. The othr day when I was taking a nap I know you said you fell in love but that’s all you said me trying to hide my feelings just asked what you fell in love with. For a second I thught you were gona say me but its cool I don’t expect you to fall n love with a “loser” like me! Well ttyl.

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